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Government Health Insurance Thailand

Government Health Insurance Thailand. The Thai Government funds health insurance in Thailand. The government health insurance is funded by the Department of Medical Services at the Ministry of Public Health.

Government hospitals and clinics offer decent enough medical provision. However, government hospitals are often crowded and waiting times can be long. The facilities are usually not up to the standard of private hospitals, but the costs are substantially cheaper.

Treatment is completely free for Thai citizens holding a Universal Coverage Health card, except Saturdays. The Universal Coverage Health card is issued by the National Health Security Office (Tel: 1330).

Thailand Social Security Scheme

Social Security Fund Thailand

In 1972, the Thai government set up a social security fund to protect workers from illness and injury whilst at work. Employers are required to make contributions to the fund to pay for compensation for employees in lieu of the employer, to pay for employees’ medical expenses, to pay employees compensation for loss of monthly income, to pay the cost of physical rehabilitation for injured employees and to cover any funeral expenses. The bill drafted in 1990, the social security act covers illness or accident, physical disability, death not related to performance of work, child delivery, old age, child assistance and unemployment. Employers and employees contribute to the fund equally.

The deduction is taken as 4% of salary to a maximum of 600 Baht. Expect long waiting times, crowded wards and very basic facilities at the government hospitals.

Benefits of government health insurance Thailand

The government health insurance normally covers you for 35,000 baht (US$1,160): 23/12/2010

As a farang (foreign national) working in Thailand you can access this cover if you have a work permit. You also have to make sure your employer has set up the social security fund and has registered you. If you enroll yourself it works out at about 750 baht per month. You need to register with your local hospital and can only be treated there except in emergencies.
If you leave your employment, you have 6 months to re-enroll yourself and continue coverage.

Health insurance government Thailand:

How to register yourself for the social security fund in Thailand

“Application for refund of medical expenses”: //www.sso.go.th/wpr/eng/refund-medical.html

The doctors will all speak some English, although most of the nursing staff will only speak Thai. A foreigner can use a government hospital, but unless they pay extra for an individual room, they will be in a shared, possibly mixed, ward.

Statistics show that British nationals are more likely to be admitted to hospital when visiting Thailand than any other country in the world

Health Insurance Thailand

Health Insurance in Thailand. If you are working in Thailand and have a legal work permit, it is a legal requirement for the company to enroll you in the social security scheme, but the cover is very low and only covers your local government hospital and is only for ages 15-60 who are legally working in Thailand. There are many types of medical insurance and cover in Thailand. It is important to get medical insurance which adequately covers you should you have an accident, get injured or become ill. Speak to your financial advisor about choosing the best option to suit your budget for the coverage you need.

You can get covered by the social security fund for about 750 baht per month if you have a work permit and register yourself in Thailand (see above). But, this will only cover you for government hospitals and has restrictions.

If you want to be seen by the best doctors in a private room in Thailand in the best hospitals in Thailand, you will need to get private health insurance.

If you are young and have a motorbike accident, the costs can easily run to 250,000 baht (£5000 or $8000) at a private international hospital. If you are older and have a heart attack or slip and damage your back, expect similar costs. Depending on your age, you can get covered for around 30,000 baht+ (£560 or $900) for one year.

What companies do health insurance in Thailand?

BUPA, LMG Pacific, Allianz, AIA, William Russell, ACS Asie, Interglobal PMI and Goodhealth are just a few.

We have sourced the best health insurance providers in Thailand to get you the cheapest health insurance possible along with the best health insurance coverage.

What types of health insurance can I have?

In-patient covers you if you are admitted to hospital. Out-patient covers your visits to your local clinic or doctor.

Everyone should have at least in-patient, so if you have an accident in Thailand you aren’t made bankrupt.

If you want cheaper insurance, go for in-patient only. This should suffice for health insurance in Thailand. Most individuals only take out out-patient and dental as well if the company are paying.

How much is health insurance in Thailand?

This depends on your age as well as the coverage you want. Many Thai policies have very low limits meaning that if you have an accident, only part of your bill is paid for. Be careful when selecting health insurance in Thailand.

What is the most popular health insurance policy in Thailand?

Sample Pricing for Health insurance for $500,000 of cover:

Age Annual Premium
21-25 $507
31-35 $644
41-45 $800
51-55 $1420
61-65 $1686

This is for health insurance that covers you for in-patient only. It will cover 100% of medical and surgical hospitalization as well as 100% of room costs. It doesn’t cover costs to your local doctor and out-patient visits.

What age can I take out health insurance?

The maximum age for when you first take out a health insurance policy is 65. You can then keep it going until you are 75. But, you cannot start the health insurance policy at 66.

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Health Insurance for Over 65’s in Thailand

We now have health insurance which you can start after 65, but it is more expensive and has an excess on it. You would have to pay the first $2000 in the event of any hospitalization due to illness or accident. But, the good news is it will cover you for big ticket items such as a motorbike accident, cancer, stroke, heart attack, broken bones or viral illness.

How much is health insurance of over 65’s in Thailand?

Age Annual Premium
66-70 $1762
66-70 Email us for quote

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Medical Insurance Thailand

Health insurance is also known as medical insurance. Medical insurance is needed to cover private hospitals in Thailand. If you want the best medical cover and go to the best hospitals in Thailand, you will need private medical insurance.

The private hospitals in Thailand has four times the number of beds per patient than government hospitals, and much shorter waiting times. The quality of the hospitals and hospital rooms are much higher as well. You will find more nurses per patient.

For local nationals using public hospitals, procedures cost roughly a third of what they do in the UK. For expatriates, who use the best private hospitals, procedures can cost less or more than in your home country. Private hospitals offer a broader range of facilities and may be better placed to deal with major emergencies.

Good private medical insurance should provide you with a card which you can show to the hospitals to cover your in-hospitalization treatment or surgeries.

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Best Worldwide Expat Health and Dental Insurance

Best world wide expat health and dental insurance. If you are a frequent traveller and want a comprehensive health insurance programme for Thailand and around the world, we can find you the most competitive package. The company we use are trusted and provide complete health coverage.

This coverage is for £1m (US$1.6m)

Age Annual Premium
25-29 $3,203.84
35-39 $3,792.30
45-49 $5,444.61
55-59 $8,593.96

These quotes exclude the USA. Please email for more information and a free quote.

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Senior Expat Health Insurance

Expat medical insurance for seniors in Thailand and around Asia. For most insurance policies, you have to be under 55 when you first join the medical insurance plan in order to renew the policy. But, some health insurance companies do accept retired people over 65.

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Trip Insurance Thailand

Travel insurance in Thailand. If you open an offshore acount with Lloyds Bank, you can get free travel insurance.

Free Travel Insurance Thailand

Free travel insurance is available in Thailand if you open an offshore account with Lloyds bank

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Life Insurance Thailand

If you are married, you need life insurance to cover your family in case anything happens to you. The grief of missing you will be hard enough without them worrying about having to pay for funeral arrangements, repatriation of your body and finding work to support the kids. Depending on your age you can get life insurance in Thailand for as cheap as $40 per month.

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Critical Illness Cover

You are far more likely to develop a critical illness than to die. Cancer affects 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women. If you should be diagnosed with a critical illness, how would you be able to meet financial commitments, cover care costs or make modifications to your home?

Improvements in modern medicine have lead to higher
recovery rates. Critical Illness Cover can pay out a cash sum
if you are diagnosed with a critical illness covered by the
plan. This can be used as funding to cover expensive
medical treatments. If you recover, you will have a cash lump sum to spend for the rest of your life.

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Provident Fund (Corporate Pension Scheme)

If you have a company in Thailand, you will probably want to take advantage of the tax advantages of providing a provident fund for your employees (currently 500,000 baht per employee per year). AIA provide a suitable provident fund. The corporate pension scheme will provide a pension for loyal employees.

If you have an offshore company, you will need an offshore corporate pension scheme.

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Auto insurance Thailand

Auto insurance coverage Thailand. Car insurance Bangkok.

Car insurance, motorbike insurance, motorcycle insurance, home contents insurance and travel insurance. Expat insurance in Thailand.

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