How to Set Up Satellite/Cable TV in Thailand

If you are lucky and live in Pattaya or some areas of Bangkok, your condo or house will have free access or really cheap access (100 baht per month) for cable TV.


For those not so lucky, you can purchase a package with True. They provide the major sports channels, movie channels and documentaries, (ESPN, HBO, Cinemax, Star Movies, Star World, Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, etc.)

True are the old hats in Thailand having taken over the previous UBC in Thailand. They have satellite and cable TV as well as has a number of different packages.

The price ranges from 500 – 3000 Baht per month.

True Visions

Tel: 02 725 2525


Alternatively, you can set up with JSAT, which tends to have better service for French, German, Dutch, Indian, Arabic, Japanese, UK, Australian, New Zealand and TV from many other countries:


Tel: 02 714 3551

CTH: Cable TV in Thailand

The new guy on the block, CTH has the English Premier League, Sky Movie, Sky Asia, Edge Sports, Nat Geo, Fox Crime, ITV Granada and more. Their web site is in Thai, but assuming the TV shows will broadcast in English as well.

The prices range from 300 Baht – 1000 Baht per month.